Create a vivid celebrity wallpaper

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a bright, vivid blend of a celebrity of your choice. As for any Photoshop creation you do, make sure you choose good quality images that are part of the same photoshoot.

I have chosen these three images of Kylie Minogue:

Step 1. Create a new document, sized 800x600 and place the first image in the center.

Step 2. Paste the other two pictures over the base image and resize them, then use the Eraser Tool to erase the unwanted overlapping parts. (Or you could add a layer mask and paint with black all the parts you want to disappear. The advantage of layer masks is that you can easily repair any errors or go back and modify them later).

After either erasing or masking out the unneeded parts, you should have something like this:

Step 3. From this step on, all we need to work on is the chromatic effect of the final image. Therefore, we will use various Selective Color and Curves adjustment layers to enhance the colours of our image.

First we will add a Selective Color adjustment layer with the following settings:

Reds: -100 0 0 0
Yellows: 0 0 -90 -100
Neutrals: 100 0 -50 0

Next, we're going to add a Curves adjustment layer, with the following RBG settings:

Step 4. Create a new layer on top of the others and fill it with a dark beige (color code b78a58). Then set this layer's blending mode to Linear Burn and its opacity to 55%.

Add a Selective Color layer with the following settings
and then duplicate it.

Reds: -47 0 +17 0
Neutrals: +13 0 -20 0

And finally, add another Curves layer:

Step 5. The final step is to add some text like the name of the artist and your own, perhaps some song lyrics too. I'm going to add a Kylie logo, using this font (only works one-letter uppercase: A, B, C...).  I used the letter 'I', then duplicated the layer and set the copy slightly to the right, behind the other layer.  Then I set the first layer to a bright cyan (color code  21a2e4) and the second layer to a deep pink (color code fb2d5d).

Step 6. Add an outer border by going to Image -> Canvas size..., choosing the color white and inserting the value 40 pixels for both Width and Height. Then go to the same menu again and insert 2 pixels for both Width and Height, and choose the color gray.

The final result:


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Good and informative tutorial. The instructions shared are well explained uin this tutorial. Keep blogging and thanks for sharing such a splendid tutorial.

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